PVI Year in Review

It was mid September when Progressive Voices of Iowa first entered the scene as your Progressive choice for news and comment. Starting off as a simple project aimed at amplifying the voice of Progressive throughout the state of Iowa. The idea was simple, empower the people through information.

We were unsure how well PVI would be received. It was a risk taken by scrapping together some cash to pay for the hosting. In a very short amount of time, thanks to our readers and our citizen journalists, we have encountered growing success since the day we published our first article. With the support we received, we justified updating to a better hosting package and a better layout. We also were able to launch PVI-TV.

We would also like to take some time to highlight some of the amazing work and information that we had the privilege to host and cover here at PVI:

Coverage of the Progressive Caucus’ inaugural year made up some of the first articles that appeared on PVI. From the platform committee’s approval of core principals, to their controversial endorsement of Kim Weaver in her run for Congress. It was a pleasure to cover these events and PVI looks forward to continue to bring you the latest on the newly formed identity caucus.

Coverage, insightful commentary, and personal accounts of the stand off at Standing Rock and against the Dakota Access Pipeline were also a central point of focus for the PVI crew. PVI was there to cover the NoBakken 30’s day in court, and get their side of the story

PVI was there to cover the short changing of hard working citizens of Polk County, when Tom Hockensmith and other supervisors pushed forward a minimum wage proposal that froze tip wages and unfairly pushed youth workers into a lower wage tier.

Jack Schuler challenged the aggressively sexist language of the Trump campaign in a hard-hitting article he simply called Enough. He also brought some needed humor by penning brilliant satire such as his musings on Glenn Beck’s sudden change of heart.

Progressive Caucus Chair, Jason Frerichs, outlined how Progressives could move forward after the elections and detailed his observations writing about the Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party.

Jeff Rohrick wrote a poignant piece on identity of the privileged, angry white male that is a must read for anyone. It delves deeply into the topic of insecurity and inadequacy that is being felt in the country, giving a new understanding to what things have shaken out the way they have in the country.

Finally, Crystal DeFatte had covered several topics, including human rights and “white feminism”, but her gripping commentary and first hand account of the state of the Iowa mental health system touched so many people and gave many the courage to come forward with their own stories. To date it is the most read and shared article that has been published by PVI.

This is just a small sampling of what has happened at PVI over the year. We encourage all readers to browse through other remarkable articles by the likes of JJ Jacobs, Dylan Funk, and Scott Galindez of Reader Supported News

We look forward to being your Progressive news source throughout 2017, and continuing to empower the people through information.

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