Poll: Who Should Be the Next Iowa Democratic Party Chair

For more information on the chair candidates, click here

Note: This poll is now closed


  • Don’t forget that the Chair and the 1st Vice Chair are voting members of the DNC. Ask the candidates who they support for Chair of the DNC. Ask if they support our Iowa Platform plank of eliminating superdelegates. Ask if they support our planks opposing superPACs and Lobbyists.

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  • Correction- I thought the 1st Vice Chair had to be the opposite gender of the Chair and that would make them the other DNC member. This is incorrect. The highest ranking Vice Chair that is the opposite gender of the Chair will be the additional DNC member. This might be the 2nd or 3rd Vice Chair.

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  • Also please remember that the approx. 50 State Central Committee members who will actually be voting for the next Iowa Democratic Party Chair have had considerable opportunity to have extensive conversations – both in groups and individually – with these candidates, so they are aware of things about these candidates ideas, plans, priorities, readiness to hit the ground running, and manner of presentation that the rest of us don’t have. We were calling on the Republican Electors to vote their conscience rather than just reflect the popular vote for Trump in their states. Similarly, our SCC members should vote for IDP Chair based on all they know about these candidates, and who they think will be best to grow the party to success in 2018 and beyond rather than based only on this sort of anonymous poll of folks who may know very little about these candidates other than who they supported in the 2016 primary. If Progressive SCC members vote differently than the result of this poll, we may wish to ask them WHY they voted the way they did, but we should not berate them for not following the opinion of all of us who have less personal experience with EACH AND EVERY candidate.


  • Does this poll allow people to vote more than once?


    • When you vote it installs a cookie in your cache that indicates that you have already voted. We did find out later that there was a way around this to allow for multiple voting and changed it to IP Address tracking instead. While this poll is intended to gauge general support and interest, it is not a scientific poll. Any discrepancies will be addressed in a wrap up article after New Year’s Day.


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