Woman Injured at Standing Rock Recovering, Returning Home

Wayne Wilansky, the father of Sophia, a woman who was critically injured during a Thanksgiving episode of brutal police action at Standing Rock, reported that she will be returning home soon.

“Sophia is doing better each day,” Wilansky said. “She is really looking forward to hugging her dog Angus.”

Wilansky is scheduled to expected to return home on November 10th, where her rehabilitation will continue.

“We have doctors in NY waiting to meet with her and plan her next steps and we hope and pray that they will be able to reattach her median nerve and some tendons and get some feeling and function into her arm and hand.”

It was once feared that Sophia Wilansky would be facing amputation of her left arm after it was allegedly damaged by a concussive grenade reportedly thrown directly at her. The sheriff’s department continues to deny that those grenades were used by any of the force stationed at Standing Rock, and allege that Wilansky’s injuries were a result of a makeshift bomb make from propane tanks. These allegations have been contradicted by organizational observers for Amnesty International who had witnessed the assault on water protectors.

Even as Wilansky heals, her father reports her deeper concerns don’t lie with herself.

“She wants to continue the fight for the indigenous communities,” He said. “Keep up the fight at Standing Rock and keep us in your hearts and prayers. Love and Light Always!”

You can find Wayne Wilansky’s statement in its entirety here

Donations can be made to Wilansky’s recovery and legal costs here

One comment

  • Stay strong ” GREAT SPIRIT GUIDES YOU ” and is proud of u for protecting your water
    Your sacrifice is your blessings
    –Have a special Christmas @ New Year


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