Energy Transfer Partners Respond to Easement Denial: Committed to Completion

Energy Transfer Partners and Sunco Logistics Partner, companies associated with the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, released a bullet point brief  in response to the easement denial, stating that they are still “fully committed to ensuring that the project is brought to completion”.  This in spite of the denial of an easement permit to drill and route the contested pipeline under Lake Oahe yesterday.

“The administration’s statement that it would not issue an “easement” to Dakota Access Pipeline is a political action,” the statement reads. “[We] fully expect to complete construction of pipeline without any additional rerouting in and around lake oahe.

Further reaction to the denial came from the office of Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp, who issued a statement decrying the move as a delay tactic: “It’s long past time that a decision is made on the easement going under Lake Oahe. This administration’s delay in taking action — after I’ve pushed the White House, Army Corps, and other federal agencies for months to make a decision — means that today’s move doesn’t actually bring finality to the project. The pipeline still remains in limbo.”

Senator Heitkamp also alleged violence among the “protesters” and renewed calls for additional federal support for law enforcement in the area. If you have any questions or comments for Senator Heitkamp, you can contact her here.

Already there have been rumors floating that DAPL is proceeding to, or intends to proceed to, drill under Lake Oahe, despite not having proper permit to do so. These rumors, however, have yet to be confirmed.

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