Weaver Announces Run for Democratic Party Chair

Sheldon, IA, 11/22/16 – Kim Weaver, Former Democratic candidate for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District officially announced her intent to run for the Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party.
In a statement released this morning Kim stated, “This last election clearly showed just how important it is for Democrats to provide support in the most rural parts of our state. When we only focus on areas we think we can win elections in, our message and what we believe in is lost. We must get away from the traditional two cycle election model if we have any chance of rebuilding our party.
Having run for office in the most rural parts of the state, it became very clear to me that if we want people to know what we stand for, we must recruit and support candidates who can communicate our clear, progressive views. During my campaign, I focused on my message and beliefs. Going forward, it is imperative that we put all of our efforts into showing people what we stand for.”
The Chair of the Iowa Democratic party will be chosen by the State Central Committee at a yet undecided date in January. Weaver is a member of the State Central Committee.
For additional inquiries please contact Tim Nelson timnelpolisci@gmail.com 515-346-4778

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