Iowa Democratic Party's State Central Committee Votes On When to Hold IDP Leadership Vote

By Crystal Defatte

The Iowa State Central Committee held a telephonic meeting on November 17th to determine when the vote for Party leadership would take place.  The meeting began at 7:00 pm and after a quick roll call a motion was made by Bill Brauch and seconded to have the vote take place during a State Central Committee meeting in January, with the candidate forum to take place on the scheduled December 17th meeting.  An amendment to the motion was made by Marcos Rubenstein and seconded to allow members to attend via telephone and was not accepted as a friendly amendment  The argument for was that there is a chance for inclement weather to keep members from attending in person, especially those with disabilities, and that it would ease the financial burden of traveling long distances for those members who may be lower wage earners.  The argument against was that there was no precedence for telephonic attendance of an SCC meeting and that the meeting could easily be rescheduled in the case of inclement weather.  A vote to cease debate on the issue took place at 7:53 pm with 41 of the 45 voting members voting in favor of ceasing debate.  That vote was immediately followed by a vote on the proposed amendment, which passed 24 to 22.  It was almost immediately brought to the committee’s attention that both the Chair and Vice Chair of an unspecified caucus had voted on the amendment, which is in violation of the Committee rules.  A roll call vote was taken to resolve the issue of the amendment and this time it passed 25 to 20.

Immediately after the amendment vote was taken, debate on the original motion to hold the leadership vote in January commenced.  The argument in favor was that it allowed the candidates to use a portion of the December 17th meeting to make their arguments for voting for them in a forum that ensured everyone was able to hear, while allowing for time for the members to mull the information over and speak to constituents.  It was also noted that this would allow committee members to assess the candidates’ public speaking abilities, which were deemed an important quality for the leadership to have.  The argument against pushing the leadership vote back to January was that it was felt that a month was plenty of time to have the candidates contact SCC members to plead their case and that the party needed to move forward with the new leadership as quickly as possible.  A voice vote to close debate on the motion was held at 8:36 pm and passed.  A roll call vote on the original Motrin commenced immediately after which passed 28 to 15 with one expressed abstention. It is believed that one voting member had already disconnected from the call and did not participate in the vote.

There was then a short debate on when to decide the exact date in January the SCC meeting that would include the vote would take place.  It was decided that the current IDP chair, Dr. Andy McGuire, would conduct a poll of the SCC members via email to determine the most convenient date for the meeting.  A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting and was passed by voice vote, leaving the meeting adjourned at 8:54 pm.


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