My Take

By: Ingrid Olson

Here is my take: The DNC failed the Democratic Party. I am going to piss off some of the elite but I’ve been doing that for a year so I’ll gladly take it.

Since Bernie Sanders came on the scene, and I mean the 2016 scene, his supporters were treated like idiots and crap. I’d known of the guy for years but Dem elites literally told me I was on a bandwagon. Sorry, no bandwagon. I’ve followed him for years. I was a die hard fan of Paul Wellstone and if you know anything about Paul you know Bernie carries on the Paul Wellstone torch. Bernie Sanders also epitomized virtually everything the Democratic Party “has told me” they stood for but when he dared to declare his candidacy I was told time and time again “you know he is not a Democrat.” Sorry, but in my opinion a true Democrat regardless of his “independent” title fights and rallies hard against the pipeline, corporate interests, Citizens United, blah blah blah…. All that good “Democratic” stuff. That WAS Bernie Sanders and NOT HRC.

HRC fans have been posting about Trump being a bully. “Hi pot, meet kettle.” HRC fans vilified a man that was an outright hero to virtually half of the Democratic Party. HRC supporters bullied and intimidated Bernie Sanders supporters at the Democratic National Convention—and don’t tell me it didn’t happen. I was in the middle of it and what should have been one of the best experiences of my life was one of the grossest experiences of my life. So yes, DNC I blame you.

And I’ll begrudgingly admit I tried to conform. After coming back from the convention, I tried to believe in HRC like the DNC said I should. I tried like hell.

I put up signs and I told people we needed to unify. But those signs that went up, came down about a month later. But come to think of it, many of the people that treated me like dirt for supporting Bernie never could put a Clinton sign in their own yard or a bumper sticker on their car. Pretty much a tell tale sign.

I love the soapbox Dems. Those who have never attended a local democratic meeting. I guess some of you will get right back on your soapbox today. You’re the same Dems who post with political conviction on Facebook but have never made calls on behalf of a candidate, never knocked on doors for a candidate, never wrote a letter to the editor. But I am sure you will chastise me. I’m okay with that – you’ve scolded me like I was a five year old for the last year.

Yesterday was the first time I honestly considered not voting for a president—but I did. I did it for the “good of the party” that I soooooo wanted to believe in. The party that treated me and other Bernlievers like crap.

I’m sure someone will want to point out it looked like I was a supporter of Clinton based on my experience at the Convention. Well, just like half the delegates there I did stand and cheer for Tammy Duckworth, Gabby Giffords, and Bernie Sanders. The longest welcoming reception at the convention by FAR was for Senator Sanders and he finally had to shut down the cheers. The DNC did a marvelous job with smoke and mirrors trying to cover up the reality of the convention. The Democratic house was a house truly and deeply divided.

Clinton never had the same following as Sanders and at the rally I attended Friday when Sanders was in Omaha it was the same. I was early. They played Clinton videos and guess what? There were boos. I saw people holding signs that said “We love you Bernie” and the person kept drawing a line with their finger under “you” to drive home the point she was there for Sanders and not HRC. Friday should have been telling. It was so overflowing and overcapacity that they had to turn people away. Five days before the election and Bernie was still turning out masses of people—something HRC never did.

HRC was anointed as the Dem nominee for 2016 way back in 2008 when she lost to Barack. Clearly the “real” Dems all knew this and Senator Sanders—the outsider—became and was her only competition because all the “good old boys” in the Dem elite knew it was “her turn”. The people passed her up in 2008 but the DNC did everything in it’s power to make sure she got the nomination. You can spin it any way you want—she barely beat Sanders. She could barely beat the outlier for the nomination that was all but handed to her. She’s been running since 2006 and still lost. And now we have to live with President Donald Trump.

As for state and local Democratic parties: the torch was lit and passed on to Berners throughout this country. We WILL be at the meetings. We WILL make sure our voices are heard. We WILL push like hell for progressive ideas. There was a referendum. And spin it any way you want to—we are no longer in the era of establishment politics.

Sadly “the people” lost last night and you are damn right I blame the DNC.


  • Even though I did not get as involved as you did, I remember experiencing the same things caucusing and going to the county convention for Bernie. Lets just say that the Bernie people were deceived, manipulated, and toyed with at best. I remember at the lunchbreak these Hillary supporters trying to convince me that Hillary was better. When we discussed the minimum wage and the Hillary people were making such a huge deal out of $12 an hour, “I said Bernie supports 15.” Lets just say that these Hillary supporters started to almost sound republican when they were all like, “it’s only 3 bucks” and “I used to run a” when they were talking down to me.

    I was SOOO glad to get out of there and get back to the Bernie room.

    The elite in the democratic party lost… They played with fire and lost to a guy who knew nothing about politics prior.

    That warm feeling was never there for Hillary. I don’t care how hard her volunteers worked, infrastructure etc… it was never there. She caused stray eyes all over the country by not connecting with people beyond her diehard supporters.

    The “America” ad showed something was real there with Bernie as that ended up being my favorite ad of the cycle. The DNC at all levels did everything they could to quash it and we all paid dearly.

    Thank you for saying what DEARLY needed to be said.


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  • During the national convention, I watched while Bernie delegates recorded the mischief. It was later posted to You Tube:


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