Weaver Endorsements Just Keep Coming

Kim Weaver, Democratic Nominee for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District, was endorsed Thursday, October 27th, by the Des Moines Register.

In their editorial, the Register drew a stark contrast between the candidates.

“King has earned a reputation for being one of the least-effective members of Congress. In seven terms in Washington, not one of the bills he’s introduced have ever made it out of committee. Instead he’s known for his amendments and resolutions that ultimately go nowhere. He takes pride in obstruction.”

The Register instead endorses Weaver, who represents a refreshing voice in Iowa politics. She knows the challenges many Iowans face because she’s heard from them directly. As a long-term care ombudsman she’s worked with clients who’ve sold portions of their farms to pay for the soaring cost of long-term care. That’s why she supports expanding Medicare to cover nursing homes and assisted living.” They also mentioned her support for an increase in the minimum wage and expansion of federal volunteer programs to students as a means to pay down debt as examples of her listening to Iowans and focusing on solutions.

Weaver said in her own statement Friday morning, “I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Des Moines Register and will continue to, as their editorial stated, listen to Iowans and their problems.

The Des Moines Register is the largest paper in Iowa in terms of circulation. Weaver has previously been endorsed by the Iowa State Daily in Ames. This adds to an impressive number of endorsements she had already received, including being the very first candidate endorsed by the Iowa Democratic Party’s Progressive Caucus.

Election Day is November 8th! For information on where to find your polling place, CLICK HERE

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