UPDATE: Kim Weaver Responds to Trump’s Admission of Sexual Assault

“…what he admitted to doing was criminal. It is not, as he called it, locker room banter. It is sexual assault. Period.”

On Saturday, October 8th, Kim Weaver, candidate for Iowa’s forth congressional district seat, released the following statement in its entirety:

“Last night, while attending an event, a friend asked me if I had read what Donald Trump said about women. When I shook my head and asked what he said, he proceeded to hand his phone to me so I could read it. He said he couldn’t say it out loud because there were children in the room.

I am disgusted by what he said. I am sickened. I am repulsed. Sadly, I am not surprised. Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has shown contempt for pretty much every segment of society. His vulgar comments about his privilege and the ability to sexually assault women and get away with it because he is a “star” should surprise no one. But let’s be clear – what he admitted to doing was criminal. It is not, as he called it, locker room banter. It is sexual assault. Period.

What is most disappointing, however, is that the Republican elected officials in our state have not withdrawn their support for Trump. As of this writing, my opponent is still the only one of our three Republican Congressmen who, to my knowledge, hasn’t said a word about it. Where does Steve King stand on this issue? He, more than any of our members of Congress, claims to be a conservative Christian. Is he willing to put his faith ahead of his Party and withdraw support for Donald Trump? I’m sure his constituents would want to know.”

Since this release several Republicans had openly declared that they will no longer support Donald Trump for president. Most recently, and perhaps most damaging to Trump’s campaign, senior Republican Senator John McCain stated he and his wife intend to write-in their choice for President and Vice President on their ballots.

Iowa Republicans, however, stayed the course still, even in light of rapidly waning support from other Republican officials. Senator Joni Ernst deflected the questions, reiterating that she will not vote for Hillary Clinton. Both Senator Charles Grassley and Governor Terry Branstad had shrugged it off as a vulgar faux pas, completely ignoring the context of the statement. “I will under no circumstances defend that kind of language from anybody,” Branstad said.” I’m a team player, and I support the Republican ticket from top to bottom.” (source)

Congressman Steve King, however, still remains silent.

This story will be updated as new information comes in…

UPDATE: Congressman Steve King, in an interview with CNN, reaffirmed his support for Donald Trump. “On the floor of Congress, I have the opportunity to vote yes or no on any bill that comes to the floor. … But I don’t get a yes or no for president, I only get a yes,” King stated. (source)





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